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Living in South Dakota offers a significant amount of open land and outdoor activities, but you want to ensure you’re protected from disasters and accidents. Whether you live on a farm, own your own business, or commute to work, there are different types of insurance to cover what you do. At Kotten Insurance, we can help you find the right policies and answer your questions.

Shopping for Insurance

There are policies for every aspect of your life. The state requires some insurance, while others are optional. Top policies we can help you with include homeowners, auto, farm, commercial, umbrella, motorcycle and RV.

It may be possible to bundle several policies together, offering you more protection and saving you money on premiums at the same time. Once we know more about you and the risks that you take, we can make insurance product recommendations for you, your family, and even your business.

Finding the Right Coverage

There’s no such thing as one type of insurance. Every policy is customized based on where you live, what risks are present, and how much coverage you want to have. We’ll ask a variety of questions and suggest ways to add coverage. This way, you have peace of mind if something happens. It’s much easier to file a claim with the insurance company than to have to pay for all the repairs, replacements, and possibly even medical bills out of your pocket.

We can talk to you about deductibles, ways to protect against “what if” scenarios, and much more. We know you have questions, and our agents are here to answer them all. This way, you can confidently get the policies that you need over all that you do in life.

Call our office at Kotten Insurance today to learn more about your options. Our agents can guide you through the process of finding the coverage you want.