Auto Insurance

Shopping for auto insurance doesn’t have to be a challenge. When you’re in South Dakota, it pays to know not only what the state requires but also how to protect you and your vehicle best. At Kotten Insurance, we’re here to help.

Auto Insurance Requirements

When you’re buying insurance, you have to make sure you adhere to state requirements. When it comes to auto insurance, you must have proof of insurance when you have a vehicle. There are specific liability levels for property damage and bodily injury. You can choose to go above the minimums, but you must have at least the state requirements on your policy.

Why go above and beyond? While it might cost you more in monthly premiums, having more coverage can take care of significant accidents more effectively. Otherwise, if you exceed your maximum coverage levels, you could be personally responsible for the balance—and that could be a lot more than you can realistically afford.

Additionally, if you have a lease or are making payments on a vehicle purchase, find out if they have added insurance requirements for you to adhere to.

Determine Coverage Levels

Once you adhere to the state guidelines for auto insurance, you have plenty of other options. You want to make sure you’re protected against the various scenarios that could occur. This includes such things as:

  • Windshield cracks
  • Hit and runs
  • Collisions with non-vehicles
  • Vandalism

By exploring comprehensive and collision coverage that can be added to your liability coverage, you can be better protected. It can ensure you can make repairs to your vehicle by merely paying the deductible. It’s all a matter of deciding how much coverage is recommended based on your individual situation. That’s why our agents are here to guide you.

Start getting more info about auto insurance in South Dakota today. Call our office at Kotten Insurance now. Our agents are standing by to help you every step of the way.