Commercial Insurance

Opening a business in South Dakota can be very lucrative. Regardless of the industry you choose, there are ways to protect your operations. If something happens to your business, you want to know that there is commercial insurance for you to fall back on. With help from our agents at Kotten Insurance, we can ensure you have the right policies.

Customizing Your Commercial Insurance

Every business is a little different in terms of what business insurance is required. If you work from home versus if you work from an office, your coverage can change. Riskier industries, larger numbers of employees, and even company vehicles can affect what insurance you need.

We can help you obtain policies for such things as:

  • Liability
  • Business property
  • Business continuity
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Commercial auto

Whether you already know what insurance you need, or you need recommendations, we can help you to find the policies you can depend on. Our agents will do the research so you can buy insurance with more confidence.

How Insurance Needs Change

Your insurance needs are going to change over time. It’s critical that your insurance continues to provide coverage to protect you. Otherwise, you could file a claim only to find out it’s only going to cover a fraction of what you want it to cover. As your business grows, you may need commercial auto insurance because of additional vehicles to your fleet. You may suddenly need property insurance since moving your office out of your home. You may also need added insurance as a way to protect the employees you now have working for you.

By working with our agents, we can review your business annually. It ensures you make the updates to your policies so that you always have plenty of commercial insurance to protect your operations.

Find out more about protecting your business now. Call us at Kotten Insurance to discuss commercial insurance products in South Dakota.