Farm & Crop Insurance

Protecting your farm in South Dakota should be one of your top concerns. If something happens, you want to know that you can file a claim with the insurance company. Rather than being overwhelmed by the process, Kotten Insurance is here to help.

How to Protect Your Farm & Crops

There are all sorts of options available to you when shopping for farm insurance. When you want to protect your farm in South Dakota, consider what makes it unique. Do you have a lot of crops? What about livestock? With the right coverage, it can all be protected.

The insurance you buy should be customized. Our agents will guide you through the process of finding out what makes your farm unique. This way, we can offer protection on all aspects of your farm, from the building to the land. Additionally, we can cover the various “what if” scenarios that may happen.

Don’t try to shop for a policy on your own. With our help, we’ll answer your questions and ensure that you have the protection you need to enjoy peace of mind all year long.

Getting Farm Insurance

Farm insurance is a form of hybrid insurance that offers both personal and commercial protection. It can cover your ranch, your personal belongings, and even your farming equipment.

As you explore insurance for your farm, we’ll talk to you about:

  • The amount of land you have
  • How much livestock you own
  • Whether you run a business from your farm
  • Whether you have visitors on your farm

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is a crucial investment to make when growing food and plants. It protects your field from incidents that could cause the loss of your product. It can come in two forms, which include Crop-Hail and Multi-Peril Crop Insurance. Crop-Hail will protect your field from the damages of hail. This line of insurance is not apart of the Federal Crop Insurance Program. MPCI is for all other incidents involving your field and is part of the Federal Crop Insurance Program. It can include protection from drought, excessive moisture, freeze, and disease. Speak with our team to learn more.

The more we know about your unique situation, the easier it will be for us to recommend insurance products. We’ll go over the coverage levels and talk to you about the ways for you to protect your farm with various types of policies.

Are your farm and crops covered? We’ll help you establish a new policy or update your existing one. Call us at Kotten Insurance today to learn more about comprehensive farm and crop insurance.