Flood Insurance

Floods can happen when you least expect them. What happens when the snow melts? What if there’s a significant storm? What if a major water main break? Flooding can damage your home quickly. With help from us at Kotten Insurance, we can help you to get flood insurance that you can depend on.

Is flood insurance required?

It’s essential to look at whether flood insurance is required for your home. The biggest mistake you could make is assuming that floods are covered on your home insurance. In most instances, water damage of any type is not a part of your home policy.

ave a flood insurance policy in place. Further, you will want to consider having a policy even if you are in a low-risk area. This way, if water enters your home for any reason, you can file a claim to take care of the problem right away.

How to Shop for Flood Insurance

Did you know that flood insurance can protect you if there’s too much-melted snow, a drainage problem, or something else? By being able to file a claim, you simply pay the deductible. It can offer you financial protection so that you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to repair water damage and replace items that were damaged by floodwater entering your home.

As you shop for flood insurance in South Dakota, it’s important to consider such things as:

  • The full coverage you have
  • The scenarios you’re protected against
  • The cost of coverage
  • The reputation of the insurance company

By working with our independent insurance agents, we can guide you through the full process. It provides more confidence knowing that you have a policy that you can count on.

Discover more about flood insurance in South Dakota by calling our agents at Kotten Insurance today.